Equine Assisted Personal Growth and Education


Equine Therapy has proven effective in improving the lives of people in many ways since the treatment method began to grow. At the ranch we offer an interactive and dynamic experience for the family, group or individual to explore ideas of personal power, handling conflict, communicating effectively, enhancing self esteem, and developing a healthy self-image. All sessions take place in the arena with the herd at liberty (moving freely without halters) and also in hand (with halters and leads). Equine Assisted activities are not centered around learning to ride, however, the opportunity for mounted exercises with the horse on a lead line is included in the program. Although these activities will improve horsemanship, the goal is not to bring the horse around to our expectations but rather to learn to see the world, to be in the world and be present from the gifted perspective of the horse .

The sessions are designed around the individual or group needs, with duration and goals set out in the first session.

The program is available for children over the age of 8 and adults, including seniors. No prior horse experience is necessary.

Our program is welcoming and inclusive to all, and does not discriminate on any basis.

Some of the issues we are able to address with our healing herd work include:

Healthy Relationships

Mental Health



Overcoming Fear

Healing from Trauma



Developmental Disorders

Parenting after Divorce


Individuals or Groups

Weekly Sessions and Weekend Gatherings

Specialized Workshops